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Saskatoon Radon Mitigation System

Saskatoon Radon Mitigation System

January is the month of National Radon Action. It has to be the best time to explore what you need to know about radon and the tests involved. Here is what you need to know about radon and the mitigation process.

What is radon?

Radon is the naturally occurring radioactive gas that forms when you break down uranium. It is present in water, soil, rocks and is responsible for most lung cancer deaths in Canada. One cannot see or smell radon; hence there is a high risk of exposure with increasing concentration. The only way to know whether you have radon in the home is to hire a contractor who has a complete testing kit with a Saskatoon radon mitigation system.

How does radon get into the home?

Radon gas in your home gets in through cracks in the wall and foundation. It can also come in through gas pipes, sump pumps, and drains. We recommend Radon gas inspections in Saskatoon of radon for all rooms below the third floor.

What buyers and sellers should know about radon mitigation

It is a good idea to sell or buy a home when you know the radon problem's actual status. Taking care of the problem is inexpensive and easy with Vent Pro Mechanical. There are several ways to reduce radon levels. It is best not to do a DIY job of reducing the radon or hiring a shady operator to test and complete the task.

It is common for buyers to get radon testing in Saskatoon before they buy a home. You can also ensure that the service is a contingency for the purchase contract. Ask for radon mitigation if the seller did not perform any service to bring down the levels to an acceptable limit.

Steps of reducing radon

Some builders will use radon-resistant construction materials to keep the levels at the lowest level. The average cost of installing the features will depend on the contractor and the style of the home.

The process of radon mitigation near Saskatoon, SK, depends on the home structure and the technique of the mitigation procedure. We use both active and passive systems, including an air exchanger and slab pressurizing system. Sealing cracks in all walls and openings in all areas, including the basement, is part of the service because we want to ensure you do not require our use shortly. The systems do not interfere with the décor and will be efficient in various spaces in the home.

Many homes have an active radon problem, especially when the house is in a high-radon region. Contact 306-380-9161 to test and fix your radon issue or other services of heating, AC and ventilation at the most friendly rates.

Saskatoon Radon Mitigation System

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