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Ottawa air conditioners

AirZone supplies Ottawa with air conditioners that meet the needs and budgets of home and business owners throughout the region. When it comes to customer satisfaction, no other HVAC provider has the community covered. AirZone supplies and installs a wide range of systems that are geared toward lowering energy and cooling efficiently.

Experts from AirZone want to help you choose the right AC system for your purposes, and are currently focused on offering their Ottawa customers two types of air conditioners: Lennox and Amana. They understand that you have a variety of options who you could choose to purchase your air conditioner from, which is why they look after their clients, even after their installation is complete.

Consider the Lennox 14ACX 16.2 SEER, one of the most popular Ottawa air conditioners on the market right now. Available in 1.5 - 4.0 ton units, you’re not only purchasing the ownership of a quality Lennox name- it also comes with an outstanding warranty and a great price tag. The Lennox SEER operates quietly and offers exceptional energy efficiency, so you can be sure it’s going to save you money year after year in energy costs. Lennox makes it possible to work in and enjoy your backyard without being bothered by your cooling system.

AirZone is proud to offer the SEER as their top seller in Ottawa air conditioners for another great reason: The unit qualifies for the Tier 2 OPA rebate, making it a terrific bargain. Once you factor in the rebate, you can get a higher SEER AC for around the same price as an entry level AC. No wonder the Lennox SEER has become one of the most popular units in the area.

As an Ottawa resident, you may find that there is an abundance of unlicensed contractors working within the community. AirZone is aware of the problem because they are often called to a residence to fix an issue that arises after the contractor is gone, and nowhere to be found. As a customers of AirZone, you’ll find them to be reputable and reliable within the community, with a name they have built on professional standards. Unlike some of the other AC providers in the area, AirZone will be there for you if you ever have an issue with your system.

A very popular option for homeowners living in apartments, hotels and smaller homes is the PTAC unit, or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, which offers heating and cooling in one economical unit. PTACs are enclosed in the wall with the inoperable side exposed outside of the building. Whether you are looking at the benefits of installing a PTAC or are looking to replace your current PTAC with a newer model, contact AirZone HVAC Services. They’ll be happy to make sure you get the right system for your purposes.

For Ottawa area air conditioners, call 613-592-5770 and speak with an expert from AirZone about your home or business’ cooling needs. They’ll be there when you need them- guaranteed. Ottawa air conditioners
AirZone HVAC Services
Ottawa air conditioners
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