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When it comes to your Jacksonville heating service, having a maintenance contract in place is very helpful. Not only does it ensure the best pricing on heating and air repairs, but it also guarantees that you have regular maintenance done. Here are some of the things we want everyone to know about maintenance contracts that may change their minds about them.

Ensures Regular Service

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In HVAC terms, this could be interpreted to mean that you can spend a little to prevent problems or you could spend a lot more later trying to fix them.

With a Jacksonville heating maintenance contract, you’re ensured to have your HVAC system regularly serviced. This may be on an annual or biannual basis depending on the recommendation of your HVAC contractor, but having a contract in place means you will for sure have required maintenance and tune-ups done.

Saves You Money

The cost of a maintenance agreement on average is about what it costs for two scheduled maintenance services. A maintenance contract will save you money by making sure your system is serviced ahead of time so that you are less likely to run into breakdowns or malfunctioning equipment later. You’ll also get ahead of all the repairs being done during the busy season, and so you’re less likely to have to pay for after hours service appointments or rush appointments.

Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Your HVAC equipment should run like clockwork for several years if it’s maintained correctly. Unfortunately, many people forget to have their equipment maintained and over the years, wear and tear gets worse, and extensive and costly repairs are required.

With a maintenance contract, you won’t forget about the scheduled maintenance that needs to be done. Your HVAC maintenance agreement states that you’re entitled to regular maintenance and tune-ups so that your equipment can run for as long as possible.

Includes More Than You Might Think

You may be thinking at this point that a maintenance contract only includes a guarantee to maintain your equipment regularly. However, its so much more than that. A maintenance contract often includes a discount on parts, repairs, and accessories, which will save you money.

And because you know as well as any other homeowner does that equipment breakdowns don’t always happen on weekday between 8 am and 5 pm, your maintenance contract may also offer priority scheduling. In other words, you may receive a waiver of additional fees charged for scheduling outside of business hours. This is a big deal when you try to consider how hot it would get if your equipment broke down in the middle of the hot Florida summer.

Although a maintenance agreement isn’t necessary, it may be a good idea. It can save you a lot of time and money while ensuring you give your HVAC equipment the best possible care to keep it running smoothly. Call Ideal Conditions today to set one up, or to get a complimentary estimate on your Jacksonville heating needs.

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