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HVAC Slab Duct Vancouver Island

HVAC Slab Duct Vancouver Island

Ventilation ducts are an essential element in any installation whose purpose is to extract or transport air from or to a specific room. The correct choice of the specific type of duct and the specific regulations for each case, will be an essential task to obtain the desired results.

So today we will clarify some doubts that come to our customer service and we would like to answer.

How do ventilation and air conditioning systems influence indoor air quality?

Ventilation and air conditioning systems can introduce pollutants from outside, they can themselves be a source of pollutants, through their ducts they can cause pollutants to circulate from one area of the building to another, and finally, they can be ineffective in removing or diluting pollutants from a building.

The sum of all these factors gives us one of the main reasons for indoor air quality problems: The inadequate design, installation, operation or maintenance of ventilation systems.

When are there problems due to ventilation and air conditioning systems?

The following indicators are good clues to determine if there are indoor air quality problems due to ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Odour coming from fans.
  • Fibreglass or debris on top of tables under the air ducts.
  • Presence of odours such as perfumes, kitchen, bathroom... as soon as you enter the building.

People start sneezing or have itchy noses when the air conditioning system is turned on. These systems are often more than 10 years old and have never been cleaned (unless the filtration is exceptionally good). The thermostats are under the control of the occupants, who can turn them on or off at will and adjust the temperature as they wish. This causes the indoor air to be stagnant, and dead because it is not renewed.

How do you solve indoor air quality problems related to ventilation and air conditioning systems?

Systems need to be turned on before people arrive in the building, or before peak occupancy hours.

Make sure that outdoor air intakes are open and have no source of contaminants nearby (e.g. air intakes located in a garage).

Use adjustable thermostats that allow occupants to adjust the temperature up or down a few degrees and few other settings.

Check the interior of systems frequently, have a maintenance schedule, and monitor and control water accumulation in cooling tower drain pans.

How is duct cleaning performed?

Ventilation and air conditioning systems become dirty over time and need to be cleaned periodically for their own efficiency and longevity.

System cleaning also affects indoor air quality, although this is a controversial issue as no studies have been conducted to scientifically prove the true impact of duct and system cleaning on indoor air quality.

There are several different methods of duct cleaning. A properly performed duct cleaning does not need to be repeated for 5 to 15 years, depending on factors such as ambient fouling and the quality of filtration available.

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HVAC Slab Duct Vancouver Island
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HVAC Slab Duct Vancouver Island
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