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Article provided by: National Inspection Testing Certification Corp

Medical Gas Certification Classes

Medical Gas Certification Classes

Could Medicine Work Without Medical Gas Certification Classes?

Medical service and hospital function as we know it today could not function without people who have been trained in medical gas certification classes. Physicians, nurses, and researchers get the credit for saving lives in the press and in medical journals but their work could not happen without a variety of professionals who have completed medical gas certification classes.

The pharmaceutical industry would grind to a halt without a constant supply of medical gases. The gases that are needed to produce life saving drugs and pharmaceuticals that prevent ailments from causing serious health problems would never flow without welders, pipe fitters, and inspectors who have had training in medical gas certification classes.

There are many reasons why this is a fact. The following are just a few of the major reasons why medical gas certification classes play a vital and often unseen role in health care across the world.


Hospitals and pharmaceutical production plants are huge. The size was designed to make the care of patients and the production of drugs efficient. The size makes the delivery of medical gases problematic.

Hospitals and pharmaceutical plants have thousands of miles of piping that delivers medical gases. Gases like medical air, oxygen, nitrogen, and anesthetics must be stored and delivered at the proper temperature and pressure that patients need.

The patient, physicians, nurses, and visitors only see the exterior outlets of the massive piping system. The exterior is designed to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


Safety is the most important part of the installation, maintenance, and inspection of the storage and delivery systems for medical gases. Oxygen is particularly hazardous due to the potential for contact with an ignition source that can cause a system wide explosion.

Purity is an absolute necessity when dealing with people. The manufacture of any drug that people will ingest requires a similar degree of purity. Gases can be contaminated in a variety of ways. Only trained professionals are capable of monitoring delivery systems so that no contamination occurs.


The delivery system is a complicated. Storage facilities can be more than a mile from any point of delivery. The circuitous route that a medial gas follows from storage to the most remote point of need can involve miles of piping.

The proper material for the piping for any medical gas must be selected to avoid corrosion and failure. Welds must be made with the welding material that resists any detrimental impact of a particular medical gas.

The system of manifolds that delivers a gas to an individual location can be a labyrinth.

Even a dentist’s office requires special and specific measures for safe and efficient delivery of the gases used in dental procedures.

Constant vigilance

Machines fail. Electronic monitoring and routine visual inspection are a necessity to prevent catastrophes. An explosion in a hospital or a pharmaceutical plant can endanger hundreds or thousands of lives.

Law and insurance

Medical gas safety and proper piping are mandated by state and national laws. A facility that handles large volumes of medical gases can face huge fines if it does not meet specific standards. The idea is to use the skills of professionals to manage regular inspections and new installations so no legal problems occur and insurance costs are minimized.


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