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Humidifier Installation Calgary

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Humidification is important in Calgary as it is well known for its very dry climate, which can lead to dry coughs, dry and cracked skin, and chapped lips. Tinman Furnace is pleased to offer humidifier installation services. The small addition of a humidifier, which is installed onto your furnace, needs little to no maintenance, and keeps the humidity level of your home at your chosen level, so you don’t need to have dry coughs and dry skin anymore!

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What is Humidity?

Humidity is the water vapor within a given space or, in the case of Calgary, the lack of it within a given space! Proper humidification (the process of adding moisture to the air) is an important aspect of indoor air quality. It adds to our comfort by reducing static electricity and reducing or eliminating dry nose, dry/scratchy throat, and dry, cracked, and itchy skin.

In a properly humidified home, you will feel comfortable at lower temperatures. The reason for this is called “evaporative cooling.” Drier air goes to work trying to rob your skin of the moisture it does have, by evaporating the water on your skin, leaving your skin feeling cool.

Our Calgary HVAC expert provides the following services.

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Advantages of a Humidifier

Tinman Furnace offers zero waste humidifiers. In other words, they can regulate humidity without the waste of water. They provide an outdoor temperature sensor for easy reading, are extremely low maintenance, and steam humidifiers have a quicker recovery if there is humidity loss.

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