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Your Calgary Furnace Replacement, Repair and Cleaning, and Heating Service Provider!

At Tinman Furnace, as a Calgary Heating and Calgary Furnace Replacement Company, we know that the middle of winter is certainly not the time to discover that you have no heating and your furnace is not working properly. Should you experience a problem, however, the professional technicians at Tinman Furnace can provide timely and courteous Calgary Furnace service at an affordable price.

Tinman Furnace can offer total furnace replacements, service of existing furnaces, and general furnace maintenance to ensure your home is comfortable during the coldest weather. Our Calgary Heating experts provide only the best quality furnaces in Calgary, and our skilled technicians and customer service representatives are committed to providing you with the perfect furnace for heating your home.

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Calgary Furnace Replacement

Tinman Furnace is your choice for furnace replacement!

If you are looking to replace your current furnace with a brand new one, Tinman Furnace is your choice for Calgary Furnace Replacement. We provide only the best furnaces in Calgary, helping you save on energy costs in the long run. Our certified technicians will install affordable, quality, highly efficient, and energy-saving furnaces. Your unit will be sized appropriately for your specific household, so you can be sure it is the right fit. We will ensure all safety codes and government regulations are met as per provincial standards, so you can be sure that your furnace will safely maintain a steady, comfortable air temperature through the winter months. With Tinman Furnace, you can be sure that your furnace replacement needs will be met with the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Our Calgary HVAC expert provides the following services.

  • We offer highly efficient, energy saving, quality furnaces
  • Financing options are available
  • We offer industry leading technology
  • We offer 24/7 Emergency Furnace repair
  • We provide top quality customer service
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Why Tinman Furnace is the Smart Choice for Furnace Replacement

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Calgary Heating and Furnace Service

Tinman Furnace is your choice for Furnace Servicing and Heating!

As a Calgary Heating company, we know it is important to maintain a working furnace throughout the cold winter months. Tinman Furnace is here to help, with service available when you need it. Our knowledgeable and qualified technicians are experts at troubleshooting to determine exactly what the problem is. We will repair only what is needed and at an affordable price. By servicing your existing furnace, we can help reduce your energy bill by ensuring your furnace is heating at peak performance.

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Annual Preventative Maintenance for your Furnace

Tinman Furnace is your choice for annual preventative furnace maintenance!

Preventative furnace maintenance is important to make sure your heating is working properly and efficiently. Most importantly you will want to ensure that it will not break down in the middle of winter. Tinman Furnace will examine your existing furnace to ensure it is operating at peak performance. If it is an emergency repair, we try to work around your schedule, and we are committed to completing our work promptly. We are inexpensive, and we will ensure that you have the peace of mind that your furnace is working the very best it can. Knowing this will avoid untimely service calls down the road and give you the confidence of knowing your household is protected.

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