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Garage Heaters

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Do not spend another winter getting into a freezing car. Let Tinman Furnace help you install or maintain your garage heaters!

For many Calgarians, garage heaters are important to keep their garage warm in winter months, to keep their car warm, their ski and hockey equipment in good condition, or perhaps if your garage is a workstation to keep it more comfortable. In some older homes, there may even be pipes you need to keep from freezing in winter months that require your garage temperature to be maintained. This is especially common in Calgary townhomes.

Calgary’s cold winters can play havoc with our cars. Cars are generally less efficient in the winter. A garage heater can take some of the punch out of winter by keeping your car temperature stable when it is not running, helping to protect it against engine wear and keep the oil in your car less vicious.

Garage heaters can also turn your garage into an all-season area for your family to better enjoy. Keep your garage temperate to protect your cars and contents. Let’s not forget the times you are working in the garage and how nice it would be to be able to work throughout the season without having heavy jackets getting in the way of the work.

Tinman Furnace is pleased to offer garage heater installation, so you can get the most out of your space. With a heated garage, you can comfortably use your garage as a workspace even during the winter months, which adds additional space to your property. You will no longer have the worries of rushing in the morning to brush snow off your vehicle through the winter months. All of our gas heaters ensure safety codes and government regulations are met as per provincial standards.

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Benefits of Garage Heaters

  • It will keep your vehicles warm and therefore easier to start during winters
  • Stable temperatures provide better storage for liquids and products susceptible to freezing
  • Allows for workspace during cold winter months
  • Helps to maintain warm temperatures inside the attached home
  • Can reduce fuel and electricity consumption as you will no longer need to warm your vehicle up

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